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Osis 5
Osis 5
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With OSIS Edition Five LLOT LLOV is deepening the understanding of the impact of salt and pigment. While developing new colour nuances we separated the pigments during the drying process. Heavier pigments sink to the bottom and form highly contrasting colour clusters under the salt crystals. In manyfold experiments with different kinds of salt and their varieties of concentration we manged to expand the treament of the surface of OSIS and created different scales of a new pattern for OSIS. They will be part of a new collection of furniture. Colour and surface patterns will enter into a kind of dialogue with the shape of the modules: Round table tops i.e. will show a rotary pattern. The table tops can be exchanged with a hexagonal pin, allowing for variations of the harmonious colour spectrum. Pedestals are available in different hights and shapes, triangular to septagonal, theyare proof of the variability of OSIS.

Material: OSIS