Product description

Module size: cm 60x60, provided with independent LED light box.
Materials: carrara ghiaccio, rosa egeo, estremoz, rosa agata

Product family


A collection comprising 8 models that have taken the name of stars: Alcor, Antares, Mizar, Naos, Rigel, Vega, Hamal and Sole. 'LE PIETRE LUMINOSE' are back-lit modular 3-dimensional stone claddings. The idea has been created from the combination of design, the processing of surfaces across three dimensions, and thorough research into illumination techniques applied to the translucent properties of marble. The led light source is independent in each module, to ensure that the back-lighting is uniform, so that the aesthetic result is impeccable and multiple decorative uses are possible: the claddings have a strong impact even without back-lighting and they produce the ultimate in glamour when back light and grazing light are combined. Light enhances every facet of the design, reveals every difference in the slope, in the thickness and in the cut of the stone, highlighting the multiplicity of the worked surfaces. The result: fascinating, novel and surprising luminous and ornamental effects, to satisfy the needs of both architects and interior designers.