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NORTEC raised floors
NORTEC raised floors
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NORTEC raised floors – Ongoing comfort.

NORTEC raised floor panels provide you with first class sound proofing and the highest level of comfort when walking. The system consists of calcium sulphate (gypsum fibre) – a material with excellent structural performance properties. Calcium sulphate is non-flammable. Therefore NORTEC provides you with increased fire protection.

Give your NORTEC raised floor an individual look – with our stone, wood or standard coverings. A factory-bonded application with tested, emission free adhesive systems ensures long life and the best quality.

Just the best for your rooms:
- First class comfort when walking
- Extreme stability
- The highest performance characteristics
- Top quality finished panel

Allow your architectural ideas free rein! Our range of combinations from NORTEC to other floor systems gives you flexibility at planning stage.

Areas of application for NORTEC raised floors:
- Computer rooms and control centres
- Industrial and working rooms
- Training and research rooms
- Office and design areas

We offer:
• NORTEC comfort: with integral underfloor heating for excellent comfort and exceptional efficiency
• NORTEC sonic: customised perforation patterns guarantee perfect air ventilation
• NORTEC power: a heavy-duty floor system, perfect for production plants – but also ideal for showrooms, museums and libraries
• NORTEC hydro: carefully selected primary materials make the panels water-repellant
• NORTEC acoustic: unnoticeable special perforation patterns and surfaces optimise the acoustics in your room