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Expanded Metal ceilings
Expanded Metal ceilings
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Lindner Expanded Metal ceilings – An impressive look for any room.

Available in a wide range of surface finishes, Lindner Expanded Metal ceilings successfully combine both functionality and design. Add atmosphere to your building!

Our collection of mesh designs, from diamond-shaped to square meshes, open cell or closed panel systems, makes your ceiling the highlight of any room. Expanded metal ceilings give you a more or less unobstructed view of the ceiling void, depending on your specifications. In case of emergency, the open construction lets you quickly find the source of fire or smoke.

We offer:
- Post Cap ceilings with Cross Noggins and Crossing Boxes
- Hook-On ceilings
- Hook-On ceilings with open or accentuated joints
- Hook-On ceilings with grid bars or lighting channels
- Hook-On Corridor ceilings
- Canopy ceilings
- Ceilings with Drop-Slide function
- Lay-In ceilings
- Lay-In Cassette ceilings
- Grid ceilings, designed for rooms with a limited plenum height