Key facts


The Spine enables you to store and present books and magazines in a new way. It stages the books and gives each book space. Your current favourite books and magazines are on display.

Mounted straight onto the wall, the Spine is intuitively easy to use. Hold the book up to the Spine and gently push it in … and it stays there. Tilt the book against the springs and you can pull it out with ease.

Available in two different lengths (124 and 186cm) and in two different widths:
Spine B holds all sizes of books 15-40mm wide and S p i n e M magazines, comics and CDs 2-15mm wide.

The Spine is swiss made and of semi-matt powder-coated sheet steel. There are 3 colours: beige RAL 7006, white RAL 9016, black RAL 8022. Ask us, if you have another particular colour in mind.