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Hailing from the Persian mountains - Handwoven by the free nomadic artisans, this minimal rug is made out of Persian highland wool and goat hair bringing in an aura of free spirit. It is the finest craftsmanship, natural materials and style that promote the idea of a sustainable life and living - valuing every moment spent by the artisan and bringing vibrance through organic coloring. The harmony in its minimalistic elements, the grey colorways uniting; bringing in a feeling of content by merging contemporary design with an ancient narrative. A designer rug spreading over 444 x 310 cm, upon a glance, will bring you in a state of tranquility and add a luxurious touch to your living space.

444 x 310 cm
Contemporary Minimalistic Design
Handwoven out of Persian highland wool and goat hair
Organic natural dyes only
Custom/Bespoke available on request

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Reduced patterns, clear colouration; The beauty in its purest form. By the 12th century, minimalism was already in the air; it was seen as a virtue among the Iranian mystics. The silence created an appeal, that convinced absolutely with its simplicity. The absence is not necessarily a reduction, but more of a confrontation with the essence of design. Linking to the mystical notion of “Heech” (Persian word for nothing), a metaphor that signifies that our world has been created out of nothing and so nothingness is everywhere, in every part of the universe and within all of us. Immersing one with the idea of the dissolution of ego, the unity of all things through nothingness and accepting nothingness as a way to find true wisdom and beauty. The Minimalism collection is the manifestation of Sufi beliefs and traditions woven into pieces of divine unique timelessness.