Product description

Midpoint-P4 | Suspended light channel for LED-Spotlights and T5 fluorescent lamps
• Single or row installation, Midpoint-P4 can be combined with Matric-P4 for rows with fluorescent lamps and spotlights
• Luminaire body as H-formed aluminium profile, natural anodised.
• Indirect component for T5-fluorescent lamps
• Direct component MR16: with MR16-LED-Retrofit 4W/650cd/3000°K, non tiltable
• Direct component AC: with tiltable LED-Spotlight 4W/700cd/3000°K
• T5 and LED-spots separately switchable
• Continuously cord suspension height-adjustable, power supply with transparent insulation

Product family



Midpoint offers a superior light quality: The integrated new XICATO LED modules make colors appear richer and more vivid and bring out textures and depth of materials like never before. A colour rendering at the very highest level across the entire colour spectrum, including the crucial red long wave area, makes a brilliance possible that has previously only been known for halogen lamps. The patented corrected cold phosphor technology guarantees colour consistency over the entire lifespan. Sophisticated reflectors with differing beam angles direct the light in a focussed and precise way. Depending on the task at hand, this versatile system offers versions for mounting in or on the ceiling and for tracks. The light channel versions can be custom-built, thus integrating itself into the surrounding architectural features. Fitting and maintenance have also been thought through in an exemplary way: all components can be replaced in only a few quick steps. This is why Midpoint is an excellent lighting tool for the professional illumination of exhibits and goods in museums, exhibitions and sales rooms.