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Lantern G1
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Product description

LANTERN GARDEN is an elegant option for outdoor lighting. It stands as a rectangular prism, framed in solid, black lacquered aluminium. The LED light source is not directly visible and the light falls along the inside of the lamp and illuminates all around the lamp. The design is minimalist and the lamp radiates a purity aesthetic, regardless of whether it is on or off. LANTERN GARDEN creates a luminous and calming space in the dark. The lamp is reminiscent of a warm and bright pavilion in the midst an icy, dark winter garden.

LANTERN GARDEN is made of black lacquered aluminium and is available in two sizes: The largest, G1, is 48 cm tall and G2 is 60 cm tall. You can also find a low, square version of LANTERN GARDEN in our G3 model.

All models are weatherproof, so you can use them both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, they are perfect for creating pleasant lighting for larger decorative pieces and installations. They also work well as secondary lighting in ample spaces, like illuminating a passageway.

Dimensions 120 x 480 x 120 (W x H x D)
Manufacturer LIGHT-POINT
Designer Marie Dam Holsting
Material Aluminum
Voltage 230V
Degree IP54
Light source 8W LED

Built in LED light source. Dimmable.

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