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XT cool
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Complementary furniture-PC cooling units >
Complementary furniture-PC cooling units >

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Active cooling of PC‘s for all work areas with high thermal loads
PC and monitor cooling with Leuwico XT cool guarantees the highest comfort for user and provides a comfortable room climate. The generated heat will be eliminated direct at their source. Furthermore the radiation heat form the monitors will be dissipated. Due to the unique system of the cooling unit, chilled air will be lead in to the room – without any air draft for the user. This results in a pleasant work place with constant temperature.
- Completely height adjustable work top for sitting and standing position
- Partial height adjustment for individual sitting positions
- Cost-saving maintenance works during the regular working hours
- Reliable cable guiding during the vertical movement
- Variable designs like single or double desk in unlimited dimensions
- Independent height adjustment due to shared monitor bars
- Optional desk design with open compartment in case of remote CPUs

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