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LED Hexagon light TheX 750 pendant light
Hexagon light TheX
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Product description

Material: acrylic, aluminum
Size: Ø 0,75 meter diameter
Profile dimensions: 20 x 20 mm, 30 x 30 mm or 40 x 40 mm, depending on your choice
Light output: 11,240 lumens
Power: 80 watts
Light colors: 3000 (warm-white), 3500 or 4000 Kelvin (neutral-white)
Protection class: IP 20 to IP 65 (outdoor)
weight: 1,9 kilogram
Design: pendant luminaire
Installation: stainless steel cable suspension 0.8mm, adjustable
Features: dimmable, precise handmade, economical, effective and durable, meets workplace lighting standards
Manufacture: Germany
Accessories: various handheld transmitters, table transmitters, dimmers and wall-mounted transmitters available
Control: recessed wall dimmer, wireless remote control , app, DALI, KNX, DMX.
Power supply: MeanWell LED 24V
Product Description: Fluorescent in an unusual shape: Hexagon.

Due to the natural geometry of the hexagon, which is often found in nature (honeycombs, snowflakes), it was possible to design the lamp visually particularly delicate. Almost fragile, it floats above the heads, but is still stable. By the complete renunciation of ornamentation or further stabilizing elements a lamp was created, which is reduced to the essential: the light! Our Hexagon lamps achieve a special effect when they are arranged in groups. Thus, the lighting effect can be individually adjusted already with the suspension.

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In a contemporary design language comes TheX - The Hexagon by leuchtstoff*.
The special geometry, which comes closest to a circle (TheO), succeeds in designing the luminaire to be visually particularly delicate.Almost fragile, it floats above the heads and yet is stable and torsionally rigid. The complete absence of ornamentation or other stabilizing structures creates another luminaire that is reduced to the essentials: light.

Fluorescent in another most beautiful form: Hexagon.

Thanks to its size (0.50m to 2.00 meters in diameter!), TheX is suitable for lighting public spaces and squares, offices, meeting rooms. However, TheX is also highly recommended for use in living rooms at home. Even a simple wall mounting is possible.

The Hexagon achieves a special effect when arranged in groups. Thus, the lighting effect can be individually adjusted already with the suspension. Of course, we deliver TheX according to customer requirements in all common light colors of 2700, 3000, 3500 4000K and also with RGBW LEDs. By panel or remote condition, the luminosity and the light color can thus be adjusted for each individual luminaire. From cool blue to activating red tones, the room mood can be influenced flexibly.

We manufacture our lamps by hand with certified German components to order. So we can customize your lamp individually to your needs. Special designs are also possible.