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U-Board wood log holder
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U-Board wood log holder
Geometry can be a delight – aesthetically, in this case. Two sides of equal length bridged by a perfectly straight base. A shape as simple as it is captivating: the multi-purpose U-Board. Slim, but stable. When placed by the fire for storing wood logs, the U-Board can easily hold two armfuls of chopped firewood, all while blending pleasantly into the background. The U-Board wood log holder is available in fibre cement and black carbon steel. The multi-purpose U-Board is also available in various other materials. And for those who know a thing or two about geometry: with dimensions of 30cm x 40cm x 35cm, the U-Board can hold up to 42,000 cm3, or 42 litres.

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The U-Board. Multi-talented.

Designers are content when an object’s striking shape complements its intended function. If this shape makes other functions possible as well, they are jubilant. The U-Board – truly multi-talented. You can sit on it to tie your shoelaces, place a cup on it while reading the paper, or use it to get a vase down from the top shelf without a step ladder. You can also turn it upside down and put things in it: vinyl records, wood logs, and even loose bulk material when combined with a matching leather bag. Likewise, you can simply enjoy it for its aesthetics. The U-Board will remain decidedly elegant no matter where it is or how it is used. Available in wood, fibre cement and black carbon steel.