Product description

4,9x100 cm / 1.9x39.4”
(spessore 3 mm / 3,5 mm)
50x50 cm / 19.7x19.7”
(spessore 3,5 mm)
100x50 cm / 39.4x19.7”
(spessore 3 mm / 3,5 mm)
100x100 cm / 39.4x39.4”
(spessore 3,5 mm)
300x100 cm / 118.1x39.4”
(spessore 3 mm / 3,5 mm / 7 mm)

Product variants

Product family


Slimtech Basaltina slabs are available in these different colors: sabbiata, naturale, lappata e stuccata.

Ideal for walls in residential or public buildings; suitable for indoor and outdoor use.Grouting joints of at least 1 mm.

For covering old floors in residential environments or areas subject to light traffic. Grouting joints of at least 2 mm.

For floor installation on any substrate. Ideal in environments subject to heavy traffic. Grouting joints of at least 2 mm.
The same colors and surfaces are available, so as to have a wider choice in the product range, in thicknesses 11mm and 12mm, for Basaltina Stone Project. The tiles of this collection are suitable for flooring and wall covering, for internal and externals environments and offer a variety of decors, including mosico, decoro muretto, decoro linea 3d and mosaic 3d.

Base: full body stoneware UGL
Minimum recommanded joint: 1mm slimtech - 2mm slimtech plus - 2mm slimtech twin
Thickness: 3mm slimtech - 3,5mm slimtech plus - 7mm slimtech twin