Product description

30x60 cm / 11.8x23.6” nat. rett.


Masterplan is the collection basically designed to respond to the requirements of residential applications, but it surely does not want to renounce the refinement of environments refinished elegantly. The decisive feature of the personality that is realized in many formats, the soft but structured surfaces and the resistant materials confer the capacity of creating original and sophisticated solutions to the products of this collection that transversally satisfy the most varied requirements. Realised in full body grès porcelain, Masterplan is available in many varieties of colours and offers a wide range of decors.

Masterplan is manufactured with 40 % of pre-consumer recycled materials (2 LEED points).

Base: full body stoneware UGL
Minimum recommanded joint: 1mm (2mm for multiformat laying) - 4mm for the natural edge
Thickness: 11mm
Surface finish: naturale
Edge: naturale - rectified