Product description

60x30 cm / 23.6x11.8” nat. rett.
60x60 cm / 23.6x23.6” nat. rett.
75x37,5 cm / 29.5x14.7” nat. rett.
75x75 cm / 29.5x29.5” nat. rett.
90x10 cm / 35.4x3.9” nat. rett.
90x15 cm / 35.4x5.9” nat. rett.
90x22,5 cm / 35.4x8.9” nat. rett.
90x30 cm / 35.4x11.8” nat. rett.
90x45 cm / 35.4x17.7” nat. rett.
90x90 cm / 35.4x35.4” nat. rett.


Reviving through ceramics the granite texture and emblematic shades of Pierre Bleue, the most famous of stones from Belgium, was the objective that led the research and know-how of Lea Ceramiche, to create a collection with an unmistakable northern touch. The texture, thanks to an innovative manufacturing technique, is enriched with grey-black veins, different in each piece that recall the peculiarity of the original stone. Blue Mountain, available in 4 colors and 6 formats, is the new product offering by Lea Ceramiche for spaces that are representative of a contemporary and urban style.

Base: full body stoneware UGL
Minimum recommanded joint: 2mm
Thickness: 10mm - 11mm