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Cargo Gastro
Cargo Gastro
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Lammhults’ Cargo trolley has become something of a modern design classic since its launch in 1999. The new Cargo Gastro gives the gastronome an exclusive trolley with marble trays for cheeses, chocolates and avec, or for decanting wines. In addition to the exclusive, detachable marble trays, available in two sizes, the trolley has a cover for storing cheese. This is to ensure that the flavors and aromas of certain cheeses do not mix with others. The trolley is also extremely easy to move in all directions, thanks to the special wheels. No doubt the new Cargo Gastro will find a natural home among top restaurateurs around the world, but also among private individuals who wish to offer something extra at dinner parties.

Cargo Gastro is characterized by high flexibility in terms of form, color and function, and can be ordered in different versions. The chromed steel frame can be supplemented with black or white laminate shelves. The handle is covered with leather. Cargo Gastro is a neat, flexible trolley for stylish storage and serving.