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The 36e8 Kitchen is designed to lighten up the perception of bulk common to traditional kitchens. This lightnessemerges from the same design approach used for the 36e8 Living system, which is based on the 36.8 x 36.8 cm square.
It is a revolutionary design, which breaks away from the standard kitchen dimensions of multiples of 15 or 30 cm.
The 36e8 Kitchen is a modular kitchen unlike any other: the containers, whether positioned horizontally or vertically, can be composed infinitely on a hypothetical grid (36.8 cm x 36.8 cm and 18.4 cm x 18.4 cm).
Thanks to the 36e8 module, home storage is no longer dictated by built-in appliances (45 or 60 or 90 cm). This translates into enormous compositional freedom. Anyone can freely express their own personal creativity, choosing containers, depths, finishes and colours.
With the square module, which is absolutely atypical in kitchens, you are freed from rigid compositional patternsand can create surprising volumes and shapes. The result is a new aesthetic language, which lets you cover the kitchen walls with unusual designs like trees, clouds, lobsters and abstract figures.
This innovation lets personal creativity run free. You are the one who creates your kitchen, choosing containers, depths, finishes and colours. You are the designer.
The 36e8 Kitchen system is divided into three macro areas: suspended cabinets, base cabinets with various countertops, and larders, which can house a fridge and Smeg and Miele appliances.
Two larders are available for the 36e8 Kitchen: the 36e8 Column and the N.O.W. Larder. Both were designed to be integrable with appliances.

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A modular system based on the square
The 36e8 module was the first building block of LAGO design: a 36.8 cube that revolutionised the language of the design industry, giving individuals the opportunity to design in full freedom.
The 36e8 system is based on this selfsame square module and its multiples and submultiples, providing a way ofarranging wall storage in unusual patterns, whether figurative or abstract, and offering countless options for design-oriented storage.
It is a storage revolution that translates into extreme flexibility and freedom on the wall, where even voids become storage space.The 36e8 system is perfect for living areas and kitchens, bathrooms and storage areas, master bedrooms and children’s rooms as well as offices and other workspaces.