Product description

Large Mobile Mixology Cart with shelves, Thrill Vortex F1-PRO glass freezer & sanitizer, glass and bottle rack, cocktail drainer and ice bin. Casters for ease of mobility. Stainless steel structure available in satin finish.

Product family


Focused primarily on mobile beverage service now the range of special carts includes not only options for mixology, wine & spirits, beer, coffee & tea, but also the Green Egg®, shawarma, grill and plancha. Never worry that your most unique service need can’t be catered for- we’ve come up with service units to satisfy even the most obscure of needs! High level beverage service has become a staple in the repertoire of the world’s most sophisticated clients and we’ve captured the expectations of even the most discernible ones. When it comes to mixing a bespoke cocktail poolside, pouring an artisanal beer mid conference break or serving up the freshest of espresso for a mid-morning burst of energy, we’ve got the mobile solutions that allow you to exceed your friends expectations and ignite their passions!