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La Fabbrica - Pietra Lavica - Orione Gryphea
La Fabbrica - Pietra Lavica
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Orione Gryphea
49x49 . 19 1/2”x19 1/2” Lap. Ret.

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"Pietra Lavica" is a fine porcelain collection with strong body, suitable for floor and wall application and marked out by a definite and unique design. It 'a collection that combines a big number of innovative features that have always been the specific elements of different products, by type and customers which they referred to.

“Pietra Lavica” is a collection of highly structured tiles, honed to the point of making it high-gloss and with a great glittering effect, given by the sparkle of mica granules that remain in the valleys of the tiles.
It’s available in 5 colours (Arenal, Eos, Nebula, Fuligo, Gryphea) with one only version, honed and rectified, in 5 sizes: 60x60 30x60 49x49 24,5x49 and 16,2x49 cm (60x60 and 30x60: 11mm of thickness - 49x49 24,5x49 and 16,2x49: 12mm of thickness).

The decors range is really wide and carried out by the most modern technology available in the ceramic market. There are the “Costellazione” decors that reproduce the constellations created by the ancients, Perseo, Berkana and Astra ones that reproduce nice and elegant designs and LAVA decors that reproduce the wonderful magic effect of a lava flow.