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Cubi Stack wood
Cubi Stack
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55 x 64 x h128

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Stack is the stove line born from the cooperation between La Castellamonte and Adriano Design. It is an innovative line, able to unite the technological aspects in relation to combustion optimization, longly achieved by La Castellamonte by means of their products research and development, with a design properly conceived by Adriano Design and based on a modular construction.
Stack reinterprets the ancient tradition of ceramic stoves, through a contemporary shape, with attention for the newest housing requirements and low environmental impact. Its flexible structure allows an easy fitting into every living space with a perfect aesthetic and performance correspondence. The fireplace and the recycler of the Stack Stove can reach great yields and significant smoke emission parameters. The Stack Stoves are “ecological heat generators” for what concern technological contents, product optimization and longevity. Their modularity allows a perfect sizing according to the Customer energy needs, thus allowing a thorough consumption optimization.

CubiStack is available in 3 models: slim, long, wood
All models are available in 1 version: 1st size
All models are available with
Wood-fired heating