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Suite Paris Viscose beige grey
Suite Paris Viscose
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The city is a symphony. It’s the monotone rattling of a train hurtling along the tracks. It’s the quick hard thump of a jackhammer banging onto the tarmac. It’s the sound of cars whizzing past. The sounds of the city are music to the ears of our urban society.

In its design, its traction SUITE PARIS encapsulates this urban soundtrack. Featuring a decent, elegant tone-in-tone design, it also has the right amount of attitude to make it unexcitedly lively.

With a bit of viscose for some controlled glamour, we’ve got it all nicely rounded off. For your own personal interior design zeitgeist...
And as the colours of this edition are synchronized with the viscose material, they are also available for Studio NYC Pearl Edition.

Suite PARIS Viscose is available in 5 standard sizes and 9 standard colours. It is possible to produce custom sizes and custom shapes. Custom colours on request.

Applications: indoor - usually residential
Manufacturing process: hand-woven
Base material: cotton
Pile material: 100% viscose (double-washed)
Pile length: 8 - 10 mm
Pile weight: ~ 5300g / sqm
Overall weight: ~ 5600g / sqm
Backing material: highly effective acoustic polyester felt SUPERSONIC (spinneret dyed)
Stress class: suitable for low - medium traffic residential areas
Floor heating: suitable with floor-heating
Acoustic properties: highly sound-absorbent
Electro-static properties: anti-static
Ability to restore: tables and chairs may leave marks; we recommend furniture glides
Standard sizes: 170x240 | 200x200 | 200x300 | 250x350 | 300x400 cm