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Many a legend has been attached to the idea of man-made gold, and the same can be said of silk… The supremely shiny, soft and yet robust thread of the silkworm has proved a model for advancements in yarn. Production is very complex and expensive, however. Viscose is, to both the eye and the touch, very close to this example, though it can hardly claim to be particularly durable. Synthetic fibres are resilient on the other hand, however sacrifice must be made where feel and texture are concerned. And now there’s kSILK! Modelled on polyester, this is a fibre perfect for use on floors. kSILK is durable but remains wonderfully soft and shiny. No cutbacks. This makes the new Studio NYC PolySilk a classy eye-catcher with hit potential.
Manufacturing technique: handwoven
Material: Polyester
Total height: approx.. 16 mm
Total weight: approx.. 4,3kg/sqm
Floor heating: suitable with floorheating
Electrostatic behaviour: antistatic
Acoustic behaviour: strongly sound absorbing
Ability to restore: weak capability to restore: furniture could leave marks; we recommend furniture glides, especially for chairs.
Standard sizes: 170x240 | 200x200 | 200x300 | 250x350 | 300x400 cm