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Studio NYC Classic Edition grand lilac
Studio NYC Classic Edition
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Since 2007 STUDIO NYC Classic Edition implies the urban lounge - A contemporary aesthetic and clean design gives this floorwear its distinctive loft character and at the same time is the reason why global brands such as Nespresso use it in their flagship stores worldwide.

In 2012 the Classic Edition improves once again – the new kymo felt backing sonic pro is topped off with the environmentally conscious Tencel® fibre. This further development of viscose utilizes a patented process from the Austrian Company Lenzing - Higher quality and an increased durability appear as shallow advantages compared with the accomplishments of this material on the global, environmental scale.

Studio NYC Classic Edition is available in 5 standard sizes and 16 colours. The production of special sizes, shapes and colours is also possible.

Range of application: Indoor - Residential
Manufacture: hand tufted
Base material: Cotton
Pile material: 100% Tencel®
Pile height: approx. 14 - 16 mm
Pile insert weight: approx. 4050g / sqm
Total weight: approx. 5750g / sqm
Backing: Cotton
Total height: approx. 13 - 18 mm
Stress class: medium
Floor heating: qualified
Acoustic behaviour: sound-absorbent
Electrostatic behaviour: antistatic
Capability to restore: Furniture could leave a mark. We recommend furniture glides.
Standard sizes: 170x240 | 200x200 | 200x300 | 250x350 | 300x400 cm