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Waves 592
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Waves 592


The architect Ole Kortzau is particularly well known for his postcards of Denmark, with colourful beach and landscape scenes, which were a big success in the 1970s and 1980s and are still widely popular. But he has produced much more than that over many years. His productions are very wide ranging: porcelain, glass, silverware, textiles, wallpaper for names such as Kvadrat, Georg Jensen, Holmegaard Glass and The Royal Danish Porcelain Manufactory. Ole Kortzau was born in 1939. He qualified as an architect at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1966. Ole Kortzau has been making textiles for Kvadrat for more than 25 years, averaging a couple of items a year until 1991. The story of Waves began in 1977. That year had seen an unsuccessful attempt to launch the Moves curtain, the positive version of Waves. As a last attempt before abandoning the curtain, a negative version of the pattern was tried the following year, entitled Waves. Waves has since become Kvadrat’s most successful curtain. At the time, the founder and former director of Kvadrat, Poul Byriel, said the Waves curtain would survive into the next century. He was right!

Kvadrat is still producing Waves and it has come to be the best-selling printed curtain over the years, with more than 2,000,000 metres sold, making it a true classic. Ole Kortzau obtained his inspiration for Waves from observing salt stripes left by the waves on the shoreline. He transferred the impression onto tissue paper by ripping it into long strips and shortly afterwards the sample was ready.

100 Trevira CS
12 colours
140 cm wide