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Tudo is an elegant curtain created by acclaimed designer Åsa Pärson. Inspired by silk shawls, which she created in Cambodia, it has a calm yet characterful look: from a distance it appears unicoloured, but as you get closer, it reveals alluring colour nuances and a sophisticated play of fine broken, irregular stripes.

The stripes run from selvedge to selvedge and are created through the construction of the weave. Because they are irregular, chance decides which colour nuances emerge most strongly from the curtain at any given time. Åsa Pärson: ‘The result is reminiscent of brush strokes in different shades–evocative of layers of mist.’

The palette for Tudo consists of graceful, radiant tones, such as soft grey, warm orange and dusty green. These were designed by Åsa Pärson to combine to eye-catching effect–most of the fabric’s colour settings are created using 2 colours whilst the rest are crafted using 3 colours. Åsa Pärson: ‘My aim was to create vibrant colour combinations that appear to change with the position of the viewer. The result is interesting, beautiful and very contemporary.’

Made from Trevira CS, versatile Tudo offers a long lifespan and is easy and economical to maintain. Consequently, it is ideal for a wide variety of private and public spaces. Thanks to its tranquil, sophisticated character, the curtain is particu­larly well-suited to private homes and healthcare premises.

Swedish Åsa Pärson is a graduate of the Swedish School of Textiles and the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design where, inspired by an interest in Persian and Oriental rugs, she studied weaving. She has since travelled extensively throughout Asia, studying craft techniques and working on developing silk textiles.

In her work with textiles, Åsa Pärson seeks to highlight the patterns from the natural properties of the material. She prefers fixed structures with clean, simple, timeless styling augmented with a touch of coolness. Her work with textiles is based on the notion of letting only the essentials remain.
Åsa Pärson has received several grants and awards, and has exhibited in Sweden, England and Japan.

100% Trevira CS
300 cm
8 colours
Design: Åsa Pärson