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Timeless S/M/L 129
Timeless S/M/L
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Renowned designers Aggebo & Henriksen have created a Trevira CS curtain collection, consisting of 3 vibrant designs: Timeless S, Timeless M and Timeless L. All the fabrics feature a dynamic ‘travelling’ pattern of overlapping, multicoloured stripes, which combine to create subtle colour nuances.
All the curtains are 300cm wide, and share the same sophis-ticated colourways. They also share similar rhythmically arranged stripes in different widths, which run from selvedge to selvedge. The difference between the three designs is the width of the stripes, and therefore the size of the repeat.
The smallest repeat in the collection is about 1.2m and the largest repeat is about 30m, though the size of the repeat does not have to be considered when confectioning curtains. The larger repeats ensure each individual curtain will have a unique look while closely matching others in the same design. As a result, the Timeless collection offers a wide variety of opportunities for decorating large rooms or series of rooms.
The designs in the collection stand out for their innovative use of stripes and colours. All come in 5 colourways, which are each created using 8 different hues that overlap to create new nuances. Some of the shades in the palette are neutral, others are pastel, such as soft violet, whilst the rest are in highlight tints, such as lemon yellow. These colours combine to give the curtains a distinctively individual expression that is lively yet calm.
Aggebo & Henriksen were inspired to create the design for the collection by snail shells. They noticed how, ‘snail shells have a certain striped pattern and a beautiful colour transition that creates a new shade where the colours meet’.
To capture this look on fabric, they precisely translated the colours and patterns of a selection of shells onto paper, and experimented with mixing different colours to create new nuances.
During the development of the initial design, Aggebo & Henriksen observed how ‘different sizes of patterns allow you to create different moods in a room’. Consequently, they explored the pattern in many different scales before arriving at the final designs.
In addition, some of the hues for the Timeless collection are shared with Time 300, another curtain fabric coloured by Aggebo & Henriksen. The designs combine very well and offer the possibility for mixing striped and uni- coloured curtains

100% Trevira CS
5 colours
300 cm wide
Design: Aggebo & Henriksen