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Tangram 137
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Tangram 137


angram is a curtain whose pattern is inspired by the old Chinese puzzle of the same name. It consists of seven geometrical pieces which form different figures when put together. The figures must contain all seven pieces and they must not overlap. ”For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the simplicity of the tangram, which at the same time contains endless combinations,” says Alfredo Häberli. The figures in the curtain are very imaginative and represent different animals. When you take time to study the pattern closely, you see dogs, birds, cats, squirrels and rabbits. ”I had only seen the tangram puzzle in plain wood or in black so for the curtain I wanted to add colour with an animal theme,” explains Häberli about the design. ”When I look at Tangram, I feel that I have created something that is already a ‘classic’ and with endless usage options for different situations. I do not view Tangram as a textile that can only be used for curtains,” he concludes.

100% Trevira CS
3 colours
140 cm wide