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Skifer 3 740
Skifer 3
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Skifer 3 740


Dutch designer Frans Dijkmeijer, who lives in France, is constantly experimenting with new weaving structures. As a designer, Frans Dijkmeijer is oriented towards the textile industry, which means that in principle he always seeks to make his ideas and products simple and functional.

Behind Skifer lies a long process of development to find the right construction for a heavy wool yarn. Frans Dijkmeijer typically seeks solutions in new weaving techniques. The result is a strong upholstery material that appears simple and obvious despite a complex design. Skifer has a strong form that serves to emphasise the textile itself. It therefore invites you to take a stance on the actual textile as a parameter and not just colours and material. The diagonal threads lend movement to Skifer. The surface resembles a genuine slate roof with an attractive, regular structure and, like a roof, the fabric Skifer is strong, heavy and protective. Skifer is ‘fabric-dyed’, which means that the individual woollen fibres are first dyed, after which the yarn is spun. The inspiration for the Skifers colour palette is based on the subdued shades that at the same time emphasise the interplay in the yarn mix and the woven texture. Because of its great durability, Skifer is a material that is very suitable for use in public areas and conference rooms as well as for upholstering furniture – places where there is a requirement for high utility value and durability as well as the desire for a classical impression.

90% new wool, 10% nylon
20 colours
140 cm wide