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Paver 0012
Paver by Maharam
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Created by Maharam Design Studio, Paver and Rove are two lightweight upholstery textiles with a reduced environmental impact, which are ideal for outdoor use.

Durable and highly weatherproof, Paver and Rove are made of 100% antibacterial polyolefin. During the creation of the textiles, a silver-based antimicrobial is added to the yarn in its molten state, which protects against deterioration and potentially harmful bacteria. The fabrics offer excellent insulation characteristics and resist mildew, bacteria, chlorine and salt. In addition, they are also water-repellent and stain-resistant.

Created during an environmentally improved manufacturing process, Paver and Rove are made without heavy metal dyes and are PFOA free. Both are Greenguard and Greenguard for Children and Schools certified for low chemical emissions.

Offering a lively texture, Paver features ratiné yarns in a highlight colour evenly dotted across its surface. The textile appears unicoloured from afar, but reveals playfully contrasting colours when seen from up close. It comes in clear hues, which are combined in bold colour settings, such as petrol green and sky blue, and more subtle ones, such as cream and wheat.

As Paver and Rove each offer a rhythmic play and share similar colour settings, they go very well together. Both are especially well-suited to outdoor spaces at hospitality venues and private homes.

100% antibacterial polyolefin
137 cm wide
16 colours