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Orange 621
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Orange 621


The upholstery fabric Orange is designed by Dutch weaver Frans Dijkmeijer, whose weaving skills and ability to create innovative variations in textile surfaces have made him among the best in Europe for decades. Frans Dijkmeijer is famed for his ability to create textiles that exude simplicity and elegance despite the high technical complexity of their weave.

Frans Dijkmeijer is heavily inspired by nature, and Orange reflects the lushness and unique colours of the area in southern France where he lives and works. The fabric is constructed to emulate the coarse, granular surface of an orange and is an expression of Frans Dijkmeijer’s special talent in terms of weaving techniques. He has also chosen to use mercerised cotton yarn in the weave, making the textile surface both shiny and hard-wearing.

“During the work process, I experimented with various ways of making a textile with raised structures in the surface, something I achieved with Orange,” explains Frans Dijkmeijer. Orange 2 offers an exciting, new colour palette where saturated blues, violets, greens, reds, and oranges are complemented by the more delicate tones of the same colours. The brightness of the colours enhances the structure of the weave, giving the fabric life and intensity. The fabric is mainly used for furniture, but also for screen walls, bedspreads and pillows, and the colours in Orange 2 have been picked with these diverse purposes in mind.

92% cotton, 8% nylon
39 colours
150 cm wide