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Minimal by Maharam
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Minimal is an elegant non-woven, durable upholstery fabric made of 100% polyurethane, by the Maharam Design Studio.
A network of pindots, achieved by a subtle emboss, adds sophisticated texture to this metallic polyurethane. Minimal’s versatile pallette offers 13 metallics ranging from platinum white, jewel tones of amber, ruby, aquamarine, and amethyst, to deep earth tones in sienna, taupe and gray.
Antimicrobial protection is embedded into the polyurethane resin. Designed to last for the life of the product, the antimicrobial does not wear off over time and cannot be washed off. The antimicrobial treatment continuously protects against bacteria, fungus, mold and other microbes.
Minimal’s synthetic content makes it suitable for contract upholstery and, depending on the fire regulations, upholstered wall applications.
It exceeds 100,000 rubs abrasion resistance and is polyester backed.

Maharam by Kvadrat
The partnership between New York-based Maharam and Denmark-based Kvadrat creates a dynamic textile alliance with a global reach. A shared philosophy of design innovation and service excellence makes the collaboration a natural step, as both entities continue to expand their international presence.
Maharam represents Kvadrat in North America while Kvadrat represents Maharam in Europe. The two companies work in tandem in other markets, including Australia and the U.A.E. Their combined product offering represents the largest range of contemporary contract textiles anywhere in the world.

100% Polyurethane (surface)
100% polyester (backing)
13 colourways
137 cm wide