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Mark is an elegant, transparent white curtain with a twist, designed by acclaimed designers Aggebo & Henriksen. Made from Trevira CS, it features a precise and dynamic geometric pattern, which gives it a subtle yet vibrant expression.

The curtain, which is suitable for private and contract use, comes in two versions: both feature a woven pattern of intercrossing lines, which create differently sized polygonal shapes. The difference between the versions is the scale of the pattern and whether it is shown positive or negative.

The inspiration for Mark came from a series of images capturing the visual traces and rhythm of major cities, taken by Aggebo & Henriksen. The designers were also inspired by these images when creating non-patterned Waterborn and Waterborn Track, which has a similar pattern to Mark. As a result, all three designs work particularly well together.

Mathilde Aggebo and Julie Henriksen are one of Denmark’s most innovative design teams. They have worked together since meeting at the Danish Design School in 1991.

A recurring theme in their work is the idea of taking the everyday and turning it into something unique to challenge perceptions. In doing so, they often work in great detail and magnify the results again and again.

The designers have worked on many leading interior design projects and exhibitions, including creating stage curtains for the Queens Hall in the Royal Danish Library, designing signage for the Copenhagen Business School, creating the graphic identity for the Tietgetkollegiet in Copenhagen, and working on assignments for Bodum, Paustian and FDB.

100% Trevira CS
330 cm
2 colourways