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Glove 220
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Glove 220


Glove is a new upholstery from Kvadrat which can be characterised as a high-tech product in many ways. Glove is made of a composition of nylon and polyurethan, and as the name indicates, the product has quite a likeness to Glove leather. The upholstery is both soft and very strong, and in addition to that it is very elastic and almost clings round the furniture as a glove on a hand.

It took Kvadrat six years to develop Glove and the greatest challenge was partly to find the right fibres and the right fibre composition, and partly to find a manufacturer capable in producing sufficiently thin fibres. The ultra-subtle microfibers are made in Japan by one of the largest fibre manufacturers who is also profoundly knowledgeable in such contexts as clothing, shoemaking and automobile manufacture. Glove has been on its way for a long period of time, but soon became well-established in the market due to its high-quality microfibers and innovative composition.

Glove differs from other microfibre fabrics in being made from extra-fine fibres, measuring only 0.001 Denier, which renders the quality supersoft, very dense and homogenous on the surface. The subtle fibers and processing also explains why Glove is extremely hardwearing and has an incredible ability to maintain its original look over time. As a result of its abrasion performance and comfort, Glove is very suitable for both private homes and public environments characterised by extreme wearing. Kvadrat is now extending the colourscale with five new colours, green colours, a violet and a flax-like colour. Colours, that suit the fabric and at the same time emphasize the exclusive quality. The range of colours associate to the soft natural colours of leather and glove leather, as the 20 colours range from dark brown over light golden, beige colours to grey. Today, Glove is a very popular fabric and a standard at the leading European design manufactures, where the fabric is very suitable in the quiet interior design.

60% nylon, 40% polyurethane
20 colours
140 cm wide