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After Midnight 101
After Midnight
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After Midnight 101


Colourful blackout curtains

With After Midnight, desi gners Aggebo & Henriksen have made it possible to work with bright colours on blackout curtains. The colour no longer determines how much light can be kept out. After Midnight is a satin weave of very thin microfibre yarn in 2 colours, white on the facing side and grey on the back. The result is an extremely dense material, with a nap on the facing side to produce a textured design, while the back retains its smooth woven surface. The different base colours on the facing side and back take up the dye differently when the material is subsequently piece-dyed. The facing side can have bright colours, while the back takes on darker colourways. After Midnight is a dense curtain that drapes well – evocative of stage curtains. The blackout curtain works well wherever there is a need to exclude light and heat, e.g. in hotels, corporate and domestic settings.After Midnight has been tested and found to exclude light 99.7%. Mathilde Aggebo and Julie Henriksen began collaborating ten years ago at the Danish Design School, where they both trained.

100% Trevira CS
18 colourways
140 cm wide