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Soft Cells Lowtone panels have a specially developed glass textile membrane behind a tensioned front fabric layer, and deliver excellent acoustic performance in the low and mid range frequencies – from 125 Hz upwards.
Soft Cells Lowtone is particularly well suited to small rooms less than 90 m3, spaces with special acoustic requirements, such as music practice rooms, rooms with hard ceilings, walls and surfaces and brainstorming and meeting areas where there may be loud and overlapping discussions
As with other Soft Cells versions, Soft Cells Lowtone has been developed with the environment in mind and incorporate as much recycled material as possible, and can be used to gain various LEED credits.
In addition, Soft Cells Lowtone complies with a number of fire codes including EN13501-1:2007.

At a glance
Suitable for use as a building component or for post-fitting
Can be manufactured in large sizes
Easy to mount on walls and ceilings – at any angle
Can easily be taken down, reassembled and reupholstered to meet changing requirements
Designed with the environment in mind, the panels incorporate recycled materials and can be used to gain LEED credits
The patented aluminium frame has a hidden tensioning mechanism, which ensures that the covering textile stays perfectly taut
Thanks to the tensioning mechanism, the textile covering is unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity
Soft Cells Lowtone comply with a number of fire codes including EN13501-1:2007
Like all types of Soft Cells panels, Lowtone has been developed in close cooperation with architects
All Soft Cells systems installed by our certified white glove installers are covered by a comprehensive 10-year technical guarantee

Technical data
Applications: Interior walls and ceilings

Structure: Single-sided, single-layer tensioned textile with a specially developed porous glass textile on top of mineral-based acoustic core

Dimensions: From 200×200mm to 1500×6000mm

System depth: Wall-mounted version: 55 mm from installation surface Ceiling-mounted version with magnet: 55 mm from installation surface Ceiling-mounted version with steel wire: min. 100 mm

Frame profile: Aluminium hollow section profile Height: 36 mm

Frame colour: Silver anodised

Mounting system: Walls: magnets Ceilings: magnets, steel wires or hinged ceiling solution

Textile: Toto

Acoustic core: 40 mm thick mineral-based absorber

Acoustic performance: Sound absorption test results for Soft Cells Lowtone as suspended ceiling, 200 mm (Diagram A)
Sound absorption test results for Soft Cells Lowtone installed with magnets in ceilings and on walls, 55 mm (Diagram B)

Hinges and magnets: If wall/ceiling is to remain accessible for e.g. inspection covers. Material: Steel, pot magnet Approx. dimension from the front of the Soft Cells panel to the brackets of installation structure: 55 mm

Magnets: Allow for the dismantling of panels without tools. Suitable for mounting on walls and ceilings. Material: pot magnet, steel Overall depth of the panels from the face
of the installation surface: 55 mm

Steel wire: For ceiling mounting where a suspended ceiling is required. Material: stainless steel wire Minimum dimension of the front side of the panel to the installation surface: 100 mm

End caps: For covering the small gap between wall and Soft Cells. Material: aluminium Width: 55 mm, length adjusted to length or width of Soft Cells, max. 3000 mm in one piece

Safety wires: For all ceiling installations.
Manufacturer Kvadrat Acoustics
Family Soft Cells Lowtone | Panel
Architonic ID 1254897
Year of Launch 2006


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Soft Cells Lowtone | Panel | Acoustic ceiling systems | Kvadrat Acoustics

Soft Cells Lowtone | Panel

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