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The clear-cut separations between the spaces are becoming less distinct, the environments are linked together and the outdoor blends into the indoor and viceversa.
WOOD SIDE collection proposes the space with no boundaries between outdoors and indoors with the natural irregularities of wood combined with the high performance of porcelain stoneware, offering a durable, versatile, innovative and unique charm product.
Four essences to interpret what nature creates.

Wood look porcelain stoneware

Nut, Oak, Maple, Kauri


80x180 cm rett. – natural finish
26,5x180 cm rett. – natural finish
60x120 cm rett. – natural and grip (non slip) finish
20x120 cm rett. – natural and grip (non slip) finish
15x90 cm rett. – natural finish

120x240 cm rett. grip (non slip) finish
80x180 cm rett. grip (non slip) finish
30x240 rett. grip (non slip) finish
26,5x180 rett. grip (non slip) finish
20x120 rett. grip (non slip) finish
40x120 DOGA cm rett. grip (non slip) finish
60x60 DOGA cm r rett. grip (non slip) finish

Available in all colors
30x30 (3x3cm)
30x30 (2,8x30)
30x30 (1,5x10)
Chalet 29x120
Listellato 25x120
Strip 10x60

K-LAB is an exclusive customized transformation service (oppure : service on demand). Thanks to the Kronos design office and artisan laboratory, it is possible to create unique pieces of furniture and design that can be done size-to-measure.
It’s possible to made: steps, pool edges, shelves, sinks, shower trays, tubs, kitchen tops, tables, benches, planters, counter tops, etc.

The WOODSIDE range collection is ideal for indoor residential ambientes such as bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living areas and in commercial settings such as hotels, spa & wellness centres, restaurants, bars and shops.
Perfect tiles for outdoor settings such as patios, terraces, rooftops, swimming pools and external facades.