Product description

xharon on-styx, HIT-TC 35W, white


Xharon – Sculpting with light

Xharon is a projector developed to meet lighting requirements of flexibility in specific environments such as museums, art galleries and commercial spaces. The key feature of this fitting is to achieve quality in technical lighting through high efficiency, optimum glare control and balanced beam angles. The movement of the cylindrical luminaire head and the separation between head and housing define the design of Xharon. The diversity of available accessories makes it possible to sculpt and enhance architectural spaces.

Xharon is designed for different light sources such as QT12-ax, HIT-TC and HIT, with power ratings from 35W to 100W. Highly efficient reflectors with high cut-off angles can be easily installed, allowing a rapid modification from narrow to medium-wide light beams. The direction of the luminaire head is adjusted with an Allen key, providing high precision for setting and fixing tilt and rotation angles. The projector is provided with a filter holder which can be upgraded with other 3 accessories to further model light. The filter holder also incorporates a small and efficient antidazzle ring and is easily mounted in the cylindrical lamp head, permitting fast substitution of filters without tools. A uniform illumination on vertical surfaces can be achieved with a wallwasher reflector.

Xharon can be singularly mounted or applied on its own rail system: Styx. The vertical gear boxes of the fitting combined with the horizontal line of Styx generates a dynamic composition. Integration with architecture is ensured by the possibility of painting the profile in the same colour as surrounding surfaces. This lighting system is extremely flexible since adding or subtracting projectors and changing their position is highly enabled. Xharon on-Styx provides a very flexible lighting system with great architectural integration and advanced lighting technology.

Xharon on-Track offers the opportunity to modify light settings simply and fast. Due to its extensive range of possible adjustments, this luminaire is suitable in spaces that need flexibility, such as galleries and commercial spaces. Xharon on-Track can also be applied to existing 3-circuit tracks.