Product description

3000K, perforated tile


LED developments are driven by miniaturisation and increased performance. In order to maximize these benefits, innovative lighting solutions are required that can control intensity and temperature. The use of LED technology within the Vektron ceiling system enables the possibility to increase the luminaire area and by doing so, improve output and uniformity whilst ensuring correct operation. Precision optical control and spacing of these individual LED sources was developed with our partner Bartenbach Lichtlabor. Tenno has all lighting elements concealed in the tile. There is no competition between architecture and luminaire, as the two merge together to form an entity. This ensures that light and space receive the attention they deserve.

Tenno´s innovative solution prepares your room for the future.
Tenno joins the Vektron know-how with an advanced LED system. The core of Tenno is a patented lens optic, which gives the opportunity to use the most vigorous SMD LED. This lens optic creates a double focused light beam which makes it possible to be used in a vektron tile with very small perforations, resulting in high efficiency and perfect glare control. The range offers the choice between tiles with 5, 10 or 25 LEDs in a tile height of 30mm. (For an optimal life time a minimal depth of 80mm is necessary.)

Tenno has a LED controlled by LAPS (lifetime adjusted power supply), which guarantees the maximum life (average 60,000h at B10,L70*). Moreover it operates within a temperature limitation that ensures optimum performance.

Thanks to this, the maintenance and operational costs of Tenno are low. The application of highly focused beams within a flexible ceiling system, make it possible to apply controlled zonal light into the space. In combination with a building control system, Tenno offers a tooling for “green building” applications.