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Regard Double T16 and QT-12
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Product description

lamptype: QT12-ax and T16 600; QT12-ax and T16 900; QT12-ax and T16 1200
LxWxH: 560x165x50; volume b: 600x75x100 / 900x75x100 / 1200x75x100
fitting: GY6.35 and G5
max. watt: 2x75W and 14W/24W; 2x75W and 21W/39W; 2x75W and 28W/54W
voltage: 230V/12V and 230V; 230V/12V and 230V; 230V/12V and 230V;
IP/class: 20/1


ight as an opulant, luxuriant take on geometric forms.

Regard redefines the relationship between light, architecture and form. The merging of two different light solutions in geometric forms drives the design of this semi-recessed downlight. Unlike a traditional downlight with multiple lightsources, Regard is based on architectural principles and locates each light-function into its own form. The attention devoted to the proportions and links between the forms results in a minimalist and abstract sculpture that adorns architecture. Enhanced by opulent colours, Regard dialogues with surrounding architecture within a distinctive and luxuriant personality.

Regard embraces light function within a frame of monotone finish and cubic design. This same frame enables innumerable compositions and provides designers with a graphic tool. For example, two versions of Regard can coexist in the same ceiling: gear excluded or gear included. In the latter version, the aperture is decentered and the technical components are stored in the closed portion. Regard is a directional downlight or a dimmable TC-L light source for general lighting applications. The directional downlight is designed for bare lamps QT12-ax and HIT-TC or the reflector lamp QR-LP111. This fitting also features highly efficient reflectors that can be easily installed and therefore allow a rapid modification from narrow to medium-wide light beams.

With respect to scale, the articulation of the forms, the monotone finish and its cubic design, the two forms of the Regard Double resembles a harmonic architectural construction. Within the two forms of the Regard Double, the product can be ordered with different lamp-types, double circuit connection and a logical separation of the two light applications that the Regard Double provides. With directional QT12-ax, QR-LP111 or HIT-TC in the primary form, Regard Double gives the lighting designer a combination of directional narrow or medium wide light beams in combination with the general lighting applications of HIT-TC, T5 and QR-CBC51 in the secondary form.