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Product description

onn-corner positive indirect/direct, QT-DE12 + QR-CBC35, white

Product family


Distinctive signs for architectural basic elements

Throughout a series of extremely simple forms that perfectly dialogue with each other, Onn mainly features indirect lighting. It offers various possibilities to interact with architecture: Onn highlights corners, pilars or simply illuminates ceilings with gentle diffuse light. Furthermore, the possibility of adding coloured lighting to one of the independent circuits can provide inspiring atmospheres.

Developed for indirect ambient lighting, Onn-Air is ideal for specific lighting applications where soft and glare-free lighting is required. The reflector ensures a wide and homogeneous uplight distribution. In some models, direct downlight is also available to increase the illumination level immediately under the luminaire.

This simple and archetypical volume creates an indirect ambient lighting and the special reflector makes it an ideal fixture for highlighting decorative ceilings. Depending on the lightsource, this special reflector allows you to control the lightbeam and ensures that only the ceiling is lit.

Onn-Corner can be installed on the edge of a column or in the corner of a room. Depending on the type of fixture, this product is used for indirect ambient lighting or for a combination of indirect ambient lighting and subtle lighting to accentuate the corner.