Product description

Aplis in-Line 165 directional, black, with shadowgap, QT12-ax

Product family


Designers strive to create space. Space is brought to life by light and can be controlled in every detail with Aplis in-Line. Its construction, comprising of plasterkit, housing, reflectors and louvres can be adapted to suit spatial requirements. Different plasterkits give the option to choose between seamless finish or a discreet shadowgap. Without the use of any tools, it is possible to change reflectors to control light or louvres that define colour and depth of ceilings.
Aplis in-Line is available in white and black.

Aplis in-Line 80 is developed for QR-CBC51 and LED (2700k, CRI ≥80) lightsources. Aplis in-Line 80 can be rotated up to 360° and tilted by 30° without compromising the recessed position of the lamp or the glare control. The luminaire can aim at both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Aplis in Line 80 is equipped with a filter holder and antiglare ring. Different plasterkits offer the choice between a shadowgap or a seamless finish.

Aplis in-Line 165 is developed for lightsources ranging from 20W to 100W. High efficiency aluminium reflectors for QT12-ax, HIT-TC and LED (2700k, CRI ≥80) are easy to install and provide great flexibility in lighting effects to suit any project requirement. The standard range is equipped with a softening lens within an antiglare ring. Additional filters can be inserted into the same ring. The different plasterkits offer the choice between a shadowgap or a seamless finish.