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Morphing Unit 206
Morphing Unit
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Product description

Wall-mounted under-cupboard with
2 pull-out drawers, with integrated
double washbasins in Cristalplant®,
1 lateral taphole.

1776 x 500 x h 460 mm

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Morphing Collection embodies a blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics new materials and echoes of classic styles. Sculptural and sophisticated surprisingly 'familiar' - yet totally innovative - Morphing results from the partnership of archetypical forms (impressed in the memory of every one of us) with innovative aesthetics. It represents the metamorphosis of the bathroom-to-be: owing to a strategic manufacturing project based on the use of few moulds Morphing enables multiple formal and spatial solutions and offers a vast range of models. Ludovica+Roberto Palomba_designer: "We believe that good projects already exist in a sort of collective imagery and that our mission consists in identifying these unconscious needs give them form and introduce them to the world. A product which will be chosen by an infinite number of people we don't know will therefore feel surprisingly familiar right from the first glance. Morphing Collection resumes this idea: we drew inspiration from some classical shapes and make them contemporary by using innovative materials such as Cristalplant." Morphing/ Unit is a simple yet versatile system capable of offering infinite project-planning solutions. Modular flexible and studied to offer multiple variants of size and form Morphing/ Unit is composed of cabinets with front and/or side drawer-chests cabinets with integrated wash-basins column cabinets. Modules for personalised compositions: linear elements to achieve complex ever changing architectural landscapes.