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Grande free standing
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Bathroom fixtures-Bathtubs >
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1940 x 900 x h 540 mm

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Grande Collection expresses a new visual dimension of the bathtub element. Veritable contemporary sculptures representing a unique blend of wellness and aesthetic pleasure. Pure volumes and essential lines punctuate the bathroom ambience with refined elegance. Ludovica+Roberto Palomba_designers: "Grande Collection - geometric essential and elegant - should be perceived as a complete and powerful statement which harmonizes with the surrounding architectural space. We have chosen to exploit the enormous potential of industrial production techniques to impart sculptural quality and elegance to everyone's bathroom. A tribute to the minimalist architecture and work of Donald Judd." Sculptural pure and essential Grande is a veritable architectural project. Grande free standing measurements lines and forms aim at those 'golden proportions' that are the traditional cornerstones of any project of minimalist art and architecture. Grande Quadra is a built-in tub of strong visual and geometric impact. Perfect for very large rooms it defines the bathtub element in boldly innovative visual proportions. Grande Quadra Step stems from a study of ancient Roman thermae whose step-seats tempted the bathers to immerse themselves. Grande Angolo is in harmonious relation with the surrounding ambience. It is a volume of pure lines a refined solution studied to bring designer flair and comfort to more modestly-sized ambiences. Grande studied for a contemporary and design-oriented end-user imparts a poetic and sculptural quality to any type of bathroom ambience. Awards: Design Plus 2005