Conference systems

Communication as success factor: in our highly networked world, flexibility and mobility are key requirements for conference furniture. To support direct communication, the furniture should be differentiated by function, with an attractive design and the option of handling multi-media equipment. König + Neurath have the answer to these complex challeng es. Our portfolio of solutions ranges from classic conference settings to seminar rooms and mu ltifunctional meeting spaces.

CONLINE.K - Perfection in form.
Elegance with an intelligent understatement. CONLINE.K, with its multitude of dimensions and shapes, is the ideal system for conferences of any size. The electrification set inserted through the middle of the table top and the concealed cable runs in the table legs are perfectly equipped for any situation and all requirements.

CONLINE.X - symbiosis of material, form and function.
The discreetly backlit surface made of satin glass in the centre of the CONLINE.X table top transforms this conference system into a distinctive light sculpture. The extensive electrification with rotating electrical modules provides all that is needed for conferences in real style.

MEMO.S - Adaptability comes first.
The mobile multi-purpose table: hard-working and a good team player. MEMO.S is there whenever it is needed, and perfect for larger groups. The system can be adapted quickly and easily to any work or conference setting.

TAKE 1 creates the right environment for communication wherever it is needed. For a team of two or for as many people as you like. In any desired config uration. Because today’s business world demands a quick and individual response to change – wheth er it’s in meetings or at conferences, workshops or seminars.

AGENDA - The chair with style.
Sitting culture in its most beautiful form. A clear, timeless line, innovative technology, dynamic movement functions and a high level of material quality: four ideal premises for a prestigious appearance.

PLENUM.K - The standard for good communication.
PLENUM.K sets new standards in conference rooms. A very impressive design. Concealed technology. And a span length of up to four metres: limitless comfort for great ideas.
Clear lines for clear thoughts: thanks to its enormous span length and almost invisible plug-&-play solutions, the PLENUM.K modular conference system can be adapted to every conceivable conference situation. The table top spans a length of up to four metres without the need for any additional, inconvenient legs. The intelligently integrated presentation technology reflects the demand for aesthetics with functionality.