Key facts

Product description

Seat height: 430 mm
Seat width: 475 mm
Seat depth: 460 mm
Back width: 440 mm
Back height: 430 mm



More and more employees spend only a limited amount of time at designated workstations. Consultants’ areas, desk sharing or flexible office concepts: everyone needs their own personal office chair here, but it will also be sat upon by other users. Whether you opt for the mesh back version or the classic upholstered backrest, SiGNETA guarantees correct sitting without the need to perform time-consuming adjustments, while offering options such as seat depth adjustment to ensure the individuality of one’s “own chair”.

The innovative “Intelligent Control System” from SiGNETA adapts to the individual weight of the “owner” and guarantees for every user dynamic seating with optimal posture. Additional elements such as the height-adjustable backrest on the upholstered chair, the lumbar support on the mesh version and the height- and width-adjustable armrests guarantee individuality.