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Product description

Seat height: 440 mm
Seat width: 460 mm
Seat depth: 480 mm
Back width: 460 mm
Back height: 420 mm

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OKAY.II gives the back optimum support and temperature control. Sitting can’t really get any better! The backrest with individually adjustable synchro mechanism and the Virtual Swing Point (vsp®) is the secret. With breathable mesh or upholstery with temperature control 3D fabric, this is top-notch ergonomics.

The idea: to create a calm look through the use of particularly clear design lines. But can an essential function like the asymmetric lumbar support take lower priority than form – without compromises in an ergonomic sense? Our answer: an innovative solution. We’ve made the lumbar support virtually invisible on both the upholstered and mesh backrests. It’s not magic, just pure design.

OKAY.II visitor chairs are perfectly coordinated with the OKAY.II task chairs and of course they also match any interior décor. They are available as a four-legged option or with a cantilever base. With a powder-coated or chrome-plated finish. With breathable mesh backrest or upholstered with 3D fabric.