Changes in working culture and work structures demand more freedom of movement for people, thoughts and ideas. It is essential to have an office layout that can be reconfi gured at any time. For this to be possible, you need fl exible furniture, ideally based on a universal scale used throughout the premises.

The optimum size for universal system furnishing solutions is based on the 80 cm grid scale of the architecture. Floor space can be used effectively if the furniture is designed to this principle. Its modular structure means that components can be added and replaced in a fl ash. The resulting combinations are solutions that work well at an emotional level. Personalised working areas can be created a fresh time after time like this.This is what creates NET.WORK.PLACE.

Whatever functions you need your offi ce layout to perform, NET.WORK.PLACE has the repertoire and looks good, too. It is elegant with its clear-cut design lines. And makes a clear statement about mobility. Atmospheric colours radiate optimism, create highlights and set the ambience.