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More lightness for the management floor.

Used as a standard workstation, sit/stand solution or in the management office: the TABLE workstation system is always an aesthetic and functional solution. With a T-leg is a convincing product, not solely because of the high-quality materials and finishes used. Other outstanding features are the easy-to-operate technology, both for the manual height adjustment workstation and the motorized model. The elegant a-leg lends unique style to the room with worktops of all kinds. Particularly effective: the combination of a dual top and a workstation extension in glass or veneer. The slab-ended leg frame with the shadow gap gives a light and aesthetic look, which is further reinforced by invisible cable management concealed inside the leg frame. This is the new way of interpreting management furniture.

Making decisions, taking charge, showing competence and creativity – your leadership style expresses itself through your personality as much as in your choice of office furniture. To be convincing at management level, the highest standards of functionality and design must be met. König + Neurath sets the tone with high-quality materials, well-considered ergonomic details and leading designs. Clarity, intelligence and integrity are the qualities that bring visions to life.

PENSO.M – Management in top form.
PENSO.M is the ideal furniture for a true leader’s individuality: clear in design, and variable in action.The modern aesthetic with a strong relationship to architecture is expressed in the clarity of the design – both in the elegant skid frame and in the version with a slab end. The smart, elegant electrification that lets the cables disappear invisibly from the desk.

CONLINE.M - elegance and functionality.
You will be perceived as you present yourself. The style of an organisation is reflected in every detail. A touch of Art Deco surrounds the successful combination high gloss anodised aluminium and the finest veneers. This is the highlight and central design feature of the exclusi ve top-executive programme.

SUMMA – Sovereign in appearance.
A high design element combined with clear functionality and flexibility are the requirements placed on the modern office. Intriguingly versatile, SUMMA opens up new dimensions for creative office design and has the appeal of a timeless design classic. The distinctive design feature is the slim and elegant base made of polished aluminium.