Product description

KOMTECH Mini+Move MTA S200
Motorized Desk Connector Panel

The MTA G200 presents itself in a high quality and elegant design, the build quality is immediately apparent. The circumferential chamfer on the lid frame completes the design of the MTA G200 design. This allows a clean placing of the frame on tables or other furniture. A milling of the table top is not necessary.
The design of the MTA G200 is kept completely in black. The buttons are integrated into the frame and
illuminated in blue. After a slight pressure on the keys, the MTA G200 moves out or in. The illuminated buttons make operation in darkened rooms easy.
The straight connector plate made of black plexiglas gives a view of the following connection options free:
● 1x 230V Schukopower socket
● 1x LAN
● VGA & Audio
All connections have a fixed labeling.

Width x Height: 200mm x 130mm
Einbauausschnitt: 190mm x 120mm
Mounting depth: 180mm

Product variants