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Gala, who was the renowned muse of Paul Eluard and then Salvador Dali has now been the inspiration for this novel task chair design. The chair’s technically advanced details are all concealed behind Gala’s overtly feminine sensuality, and its form exudes a seductive charm from all views. With a plethora of innovative details and ergonomic solutions Gala is a novel task chair inspired from nature that brings a fresh taste to working and meeting zones in the contemporary office environment.

as the most particular characteristic of the chair, the back frame of Gala, changes its shape and sectional direction in accordance with the applications of different body-weights and relative forces. just as the tress in coastal regions have a different oval-shaped form due to a continual exporsure to gales, the section of the supporting back frame also has an alternating section throughout its overall structure. extraneous detail has been sculpted away by design so that an organic shape results.