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Anteo® Basic Network
Anteo® Basic
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This 3D-cover fabric with net appearance is an innovative textile that is more comfortable than mesh, combines functionality and aesthetics perfectly. The open weave 3D-fabric structure regulates body temperature, diffuses humidity and raises sitting comfort. Network is a successful mixture of flexibility, it does not sag or rubclothing and is perfect support for the back and user „wellbeing“. The open weave characteristic of Network gives the backrest its owncontemporary character. This distinguishes Network from usual net or mesh.

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ANTEO® 5 in 1 Task chair anticipates user needs by quickly transforming into different styles and functions. What are a wide variety of quick/click interchangeable seat styles, two different synchronous mechanisms and the latest body breathable performance fabrics? Always the right ANTEO® Task chair, for every User and Facilities. Retrofit capability means that you can easily refresh or upgrade on site. There is always an ANTEO® Chair style to suit your interior scheme, environment and price range. ANTEO® is a Master of Change and a chair that is totally renewable!
ANTEO® UP and BASIC can optionally be equipped with the KÖHL® AIR-SEAT.

An adjustable 2-chamber air-cushion integrated in the seat promotes free movement while sitting.
Trains and tones the back muscles, supplies your discs with nutrients and promotes blood circulation.
Medically approved! Strengthens your body, improves health and performance and prevents back pain.
Is directly integrated in the seat cushion and is available for the KOEHL office chair ranges SELLEO®, ANTEO® ALU, ANTEO® and AUREO®.